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Why Are You Here?

2017-09-17 17:46:20 by SatoDraygonFist2

Find me on SoundCloud, as Bionic Mime. 


I miss you, though. 

Cooling my heels in the Windy City. But now I'm back with a new keyboard, and hopefully some inspiration.



2011-09-27 23:47:22 by SatoDraygonFist2

Atmospheric-style video for my Field Production class. This was shot on the HPX300 in and around downtown Chicago. Edited in Avid Media Composer, because I have a deathwish.

Song used? "Timelapse" by broove.

Reposting this from a few months ago. Forgot about it, myself.

That Awkward Moment

2011-09-27 23:12:53 by SatoDraygonFist2

.. When your roommate comes home, just as you're rehearsing another Ke$ha parody.

Well Hello

2011-08-14 22:15:41 by SatoDraygonFist2

Oh, how things change!

A Week Later ..

2011-05-31 00:08:03 by SatoDraygonFist2

.. And I miss my Boy more than anything.


2011-04-07 21:31:46 by SatoDraygonFist2

Why, yes! I'd love to be your second girlfriend.

Ladi-dah, Ladi-dee ..

Oh, Hang On ..

2011-03-20 09:57:10 by SatoDraygonFist2

.. So, there's like some basketball-related thing happening this month, right? All this month?

I hear about it sort of a lot. Or am I thinking another sport? Yeah, it might be another sport.

It's definitely another sport. Sorry guys!

What Have I Done?

2011-03-12 10:42:44 by SatoDraygonFist2

A Ke$ha parody?

I must be bound and determined to not finish this research paper.